For a professional company like LEXIS, which works alongside companies and entrepreneurs, the path tosustainability is seen as continuous and unpostponable. LEXIS pays increasing attention to this aspect in all three of its components: E (Environment), S (Social ), G (Governance).

In more detail, we have begun a series of initiatives - without wishing to go overboard – to declare our commitment and actions, to reduce the environmental impact, to actively contribute to the well-being of those who work in the firm and to make a difference in our framework of reference.

G – Governance

Moral integrity, intellectual honesty, fairness in relations internally and externally, transparency towards customers and all professional collaborators, respect for employees and commitment to enhance their skills are the cornerstones of our firm.

As a result, we have created a Code of Ethics to transparently share the principles and values that inspire the work of LEXIS and all its stakeholders: from partners, collaborators, employees and consultants to suppliers.

S – Social

A professional firm includes people; this is why we believe it is of vital importance to create a environment that makes contributing to the success of the firm stimulating and satisfying as well as serene. Consequently, we set aside and invest our employee severance indemnities in order to adopt an extremely protective strategy that will guarantee(independently of unwelcome events that may jeopardize the continuity of the firm) the disbursement of the sumsrightfully due.

That is not all. In early 2020, the firm also integrated a welfare plan to benefit employees with several services, based on performance and calculated on variously-weighted parameters in order to receive the full bonus.

Also, as part of the S – Social initiative within the firm’s local environment, LEXIS has created LEXISArt which involves the firm hosting personal exhibitions of emerging artists at its offices.

E – Environment

With particular reference to the environment, LEXIS has decided to use technology to the full in order to minimize paper consumption.

With this in mind, we set up a NoPaper Project and have since equipped the offices with a fully technological archiving system.

A reserved area of the NoPaper Project archiving system is also available to our clients and can be accessed from the website so that there is no need to print the documents they need.