Matteo Zucca



Chartered accountant and auditor for over twenty years, working alongside traditional tax and corporate consultancy, mainly directed at joint stock companies, with an increasing focus on issues of Balance Sheet analysis, the evaluation of companies and shareholdings and control management, thanks to my true passion for numbers.

I support companies operating in a variety of manufacturing sectors, mainly in the fine and base chemical sector, in cosmetics and in consumer electronics.

I have gained specific expertise in the field of management control in its various forms. Presently, I deal with the creation of analytical accounting systems, management analysis, treasury, economic and financial budgeting, preparation of multi-year plans and business plans, both to support managerial decisions and requests for loans from banks or otherwise, or M&A transactions.

I also specialized in the valuations of companies and equity investments, branches, CGUs and other corporate assets as well as in extraordinary transactions for the fulfillment of legal obligations and, finally, in the increasingly delicate area of ​​impairment tests aimed at ascertaining the existence of losses. of the value of assets recognized in the balance sheet.

I currently hold positions as Standing Auditor and Statutory Auditor in manufacturing and service companies.

I have presented at conferences organized by the ODCEC of Milan, and was a lecturer at the SAF School of Higher Education of the ODCEC of Milan as part of the Corporate Finance course in 2017 themed "Financial Mathematics for the Accountant".

I have co-drafted various technical texts for important publishing houses, such as Il Sole24Ore and Franco Angeli.


Auditor (2003)
Member of the Technical consultants to the Court of Crema (2002)
Chartered Accountant (2001)


Masters in Management Control – Dip. IPSOA (2013)
Degree in Economics and Business, The Catholic University of Milan (1997)


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